Thank you very much for helping us with our tourism surveys!

We have conducted surveys in Finland, Italy and UK to find out the views of the different groups involved.

There were three questionnaires used in the surveys:

1) A questionnaire for accommodation providers, visitor attractions, cafés/restaurants and other parts of the tourism industry – these are the main focus of the project and we will be developing an online training site based on the feedback. The site will allow the training to be customised (e.g. according to the type of establishment, type of staff etc.) and provide feedback on progress.

2) A questionnaire for people who are tourists and who have been on holiday in the last year

3) A questionnaire for people living in areas with a tourism industry present

All surveys are closed and the results have been used to design the next phase of the project.

For more information please contact Jon Fairburn on +44 1782 294094 or